The objectives of the Rio Grande Branch of ASM are to

  • provide opportunities for microbiologists from New Mexico and West Texas to access research and work being done in the area
  • network with other professionals, to get continuing education
  • share information on job openings
  • give regional students of microbiology an opportunity to increase their presentation skills

Presentations are invited for and delivered at the annual meeting given in late January or early February (see meeting information link).

The Branch also seeks to increase public awareness of ASM by giving awards to high school, middle school and elementary school science fair competitors at regional competitions. These include three competitions:

  • one held in Albuquerque,
  • another in Las Cruces and
  • a third in El Paso

Awards in the form of savings bonds of $100 to the first place winners in each of the three school categories are awarded annually, and $50 savings bonds are awarded to second place winners in the three categories.

Membership in this Branch comes from organizations within Region, including

  • educational institutions
  • clinical laboratories
  • research and environmental organizations
  • state and federal government agencies.