Deadline for receipt of applications is  March 30, 2012

NOTE:  Successful candidate MUST be a member of TSS.

A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student studying microbiology or a related field.  The student must be matriculated at an institution within the geographical boundaries of TSS and may receive the award only once in his or her graduate career.  Application must be received no later than, and must include:

1.   Name, home address, home telephone number.
2.   Date of first registration in graduate school.
3.   Graduate program and degree sought.
4.   Academic department and telephone number. 
5.   Copy of transcript (need not be official).
6.   List of academic honors, prizes, awards.

7.   Names of 2 references asked to write letters of recommendation.
8.   Two letters of recommendation.
9.   List of academic institutions, dates/degrees post-high school.
10. Career objective.
11. Brief description of dissertation research planned or in progress.
12. Statement of how award will be used.


Send applications to:

  Joyce Kohler
15 Yeger Drive, Allentown, NJ 08501
e-mail:  (preferred method)
Tel.:  732-822-0580

E-mail is the preferred method for submission of applications.