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NCASM Fall, 2017 Meeting is set for Saturday, October 21, 2017 at Santa Clara University. The Program Planning Committee is hard at work planning this meeting. The general theme of the meeting will be "Emerging Outbreaks: Investigation, Prevention and Public Awareness". If you wish to register early online, click here. Stay tuned for updates and details.


The Spring 2017 NCASM Meeting was held March 3/4, 2017 at the Pleasanton Hilton:
Another great NCASM meeting that was attended by well over 200 professional microbiologists and college students. Excellent talks, discussions, networking, exhibits, posters, meals, etc. Thank you to the organizers and to those who attended. Some of the powerpoints will be posted from this website in the next month - Stay tuned.

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Previous Meetings
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NCASM is a non-profit professional organization run by volunteer members. If you would like to become involved with planning the annual meetings, please contact the current Program Planning Chair (See Officers webpage). We invite any suggestions you may have for speakers.

Images from the NCASM Fall 2015 Meeting

The NCASM Executive Team that brought us this meeting. Great job guys. Thanks!

Over 30 college students attended the Fall 2015 Meeting. These are the future leaders of NCASM.

Images from the NCASM Spring 2015 Meeting

Say "TEEEEEED". Students gave outstanding TED talks. "Thank you Dr. Mangan" for organizing this session. Getting Ready for Some Science Saturday Lunch Session


Thank you Exhibitors and Sustaining Members for your Support.

Other Images from Past Meetings

Caker RickDeJen planning
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like the microbiome. Behind the scenes meeting planners DeDe, Rick and Jennifer. Thanks. This meeting brought to you by........
Anaerobes Wendy katya
But what about the anaerobes? Wendy and Kenny. Thanks. Katya serving up another great meeting. Thanks.

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