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2014 Spring Meeting



Western New York Branch

American Society for Microbiology

2013-2014 Branch Officers

Acting President:   Jean Myers, BA e-mail 

President Elect: Peter Trabold, PhD, e-mail    

      Past Presidents: John Crane MD, PhD,  e-mail

                                   Elaine Haase, PhD e-mail ...

.                                                       Jean Myers, BA e-mail  

Secretary/Treasurer: Lynn Connors, BS e-mail  

Councilor: Diane Dryja, BS e-mail

Alternate Councilor: Kelly Cycon, PhD  e-mail

Webmaster: Jean Myers, BA  e-mail

WNY Branch of ASM gratefully acknowledges the support of the American Society for Microbiology and the Membership Board and thanks them for their assistance in making this site possible.



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